“Awe came upon everyone, because many wonders and signs
were being done by the apostles.” (Acts2:43)

Awe is the emotion that arises when we encounter vast mysteries that transcend our understanding of the world. … Awe opens our minds to the truth that we as individuals are part of something much larger than self. … The most universal source of awe, our research finds, is the moral beauty of others, when we are moved and touched by other’s kindness, courage, and ability to overcome adversity. … Awe can reduce stress, loneliness, and physical distress, and bring one a sense of expanded time, perspective, and connection.

(“The Power of Awe,” Dacher Keltner (Mindful. April 2023, pp. 58-65)


May you be dazzled by the hidden Light dwelling within each individual, including the crankiest, most irritable or repugnant-acting person.

May you greet every new day amazed that once again the darkness of the night has been dispelled with the strengthening beams of daylight.

May you be gob-smacked as you look into the mirror of your life and see how much unforeseen beauty and happiness occupied the decades that have been yours.

May you be amazed at the inner guidance you receive when you are uncertain about what to do with unwelcome transitions pressing upon you.

May you be wonder-struck at the miraculous way precious life develops, whether in the dark womb of humans and creatures, or in the permeable particles of earth’s soil.

May you be astounded at how you’ve not only lived to be the age you are now, but have also known persons who’ve supported and invigorated your ability to enjoy life.

May you be surprised by the unexpected kindness and caring gestures of people who generously assist you without their being asked or expected to do so.

May your ability to engage with wonder be activated by using your physical senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling in order to notice remarkable details.

May the scientific findings of an expanding universe and the complexity of the cosmos lead you to be stunned with your existence on our beautiful planet moving in vast space.

May you be overjoyed with the wonder of a loving, divine presence accompanying you whether in sickness or in health, in abundance or in depletion, in joy or in sorrow.


© Joyce Rupp


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