I stand gazing at the cold winter sky,
thirty minutes after midnight
on the first day of the new year.
What I see catches my heart
and draws me into profound hope.

There in the black winter sky
one strong star sings a silent melody,
illuminating the heavily clouded heights
with a powerful, assuring presence.
I hear it calling to every human soul
whose life yearns for something more.

One strong star sends a brave song
to those who doubt their own courage.
It shines for the soreness of the planet
and for all who die daily
in their coffins of discouragement.

I stand gazing at that single star
resonating with the shining message:
none of us need doubt our ability to survive.

Hope comes in little ways –
it only takes one shining star,
one faithful friend,
one wisp of inspiration,
one touch of creation’s beauty,
one deep sip of love
to keep the illumination alive in us.

In the snow laden clouds of the first day
of the new year
I bow to the heavens and turn homeward
grateful for the quiet in my heart,
and for the singing of a lone star sending strength
to every corner of the cosmos.


© Joyce Rupp


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