Joyce Rupp | Boundless Compassion Facilitators
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Boundless Compassion Facilitators

Welcome to the Boundless Compassion Facilitators area!

As a certified member of Boundless Compassion Facilitators (BCF), this section of my website has been created to assist you in the events and programs you are leading.

You will find here a Members Profile with personal contact information. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with any member of BCF. 

As you explore the BCF Resources you will find handouts, files with PowerPoint slides, articles, videos, rituals (prayers and reflections) and readings (articles and quotes related to compassion). Many of these are directly from the four-day Boundless Compassion experience. Others are from the BC Training Workshop. New ones will regularly be added.

There is also a Newsletter Archive where you will find past monthly newsletters sent only to BCF.  Please use the content of any part of this BCF area as fully and as often as you wish. When you share any of the content on this website, whether in printed or digital form, please be sure you have either the BC Logo (located in the Resource section) or this: © Boundless Compassion Program  (placed on either the Header or Footer of each page.)

Thank you for being a member of this BCF community. Your presence and personal giftedness make a significant difference in the transformation of our world.