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Cosmic Dance Book Cover

From the publisher

     Through powerful prose and poetry, Joyce Rupp makes it easy for us to experience our unity with each other and all of life. She calls us to live compassionately with each person and particle of creation. She challenges us to hear the pain of the planet and to care for the earth and all its inhabitants. Most of all, she draws us to fuller enjoyment and appreciation of life and its unbreakable goodness in ourselves and in everyone and everything around us.

     Beautiful full-color art by Mary Southard stirs our souls with feelings of awe, gratitude, and love. The Cosmic Dance is a melody that each of us is dimly aware of; after experiencing the truths in this book, we will hear it sing.

Picture of People

From the artist...

    In her poetry, prayer, and praise, Joyce so beautifully invites us to experience God as Dancer, moving within all beings, dancing forth the creation, evolution -- where everyone and everything is dancing with everyone and everything else. All are held in the arms of compassionate belonging, yet each is set free to explore and expand and bring forth new expressions of itself. The universe is a dance, alive with holy energy that brings forth and engages all things in rhythmic relationship -- stars and galaxies, suns and planets, birds and butterflies, winds, waters, and soil, toads, and humans -- all in one grand harmonious dance! Earth is a divine work of art in process, a poem unfolding, a song ever being sung, always bringing forth greater and greater expressions of beauty and love.

    This I believe! Each of us is a dancer in this cosmic dance. Each being, each human alive today is here it participate in the creative adventure that is the universe. There can be no spectators. Some deep longing -- each one's unique gift, a passion for belonging, our dream for a world of love and unity -- is urging us to get up and dance!

                      Mary Southard

   The call to make art became a way to wake up and stay awake, a way to dance the agony and the ecstacy of our moment in planetary evolution, a way to participate deeply in life and celebrate all its beauty and mystery. -Mary

The Cosmic Dance
An Invitation to Experience Our Oneness

Thoughts from the Author

     At this moment I lean back in memory and catch a hint of what I knew long ago when I was a small child living on a farm in rural Iowa. It is the melody of the cosmic dance playing in my soul since those early days, a song that has never stopped singing in me....

     As I grew older,...eventually I made some startling discoveries -- three of them -- and they have changed my life forever. The first of these is the amazing revelation that I am made up of stardust, that every part and parcel of who I am materially was once a piece of a star shining in the heavens. The second discovery is that the air I breathe is the air that has circled the globe and been drawn in and out by people, creatures and vegetation in lands and seas far away. But the most astounding discovery that both awakened and affirmed my early childhood awareness is the fact that I am part of a vast and marvelous dance that goes on unceasingly at every moment in the most minute particles of the universe....

    This book is about my experience of being with the cosmic dance, how I have fallen in love with Earth and how I have been enthralled with the mystery of Moon, Sun, and the Galaxies. It is a book about what I lhave learned from this great attraction to creation. My three discoveries have changed the way I look at everything and the way I relate to everyone. I see that I am not a separate entity, and never could be, because the tiny particles of my body are dancing, intermingling with the particles of life around me. It is not a matter of "them" and "me", whether this be people, rocks, sea anemones, clouds, or rabbits on the run. Rather, it is a matter of "us...."

     It is my hope that this book of reflections on the cosmic dance will be a source of soul-tending and planet-tending for you. May it draw you to fuller enjoyment and appreciation of the mystery of life and its inherent goodness in yourself and in all of creation."


Picture Slice form book cover
Picture slice from book cover

It Is Possible

it is possible
to become so one
with Earth
that every flower
perfumes the soul,

every snowflake
sends icy softness
dancing through veins,

every drop of rain
trickles down vessels
of the heart,

every cloud in the sky
sails along
songlines of the spirit,

every earthquake
rumbles in the gut,

every tide of the sea
moves in and out of self,

it is possible
to become one
with Earth

just as it is possible
to become one
with all people,
their pain, my pain,
their joy, my joy,
their struggle and delight
an echo of my own.

it is possible to become one.

it is possible.

Picture slice from book cover
Picture slice from book cover

Playing Dead

     A large, green grasshopper, jumping like he's in the circus, moves before me on the path. I step nearer and touch him with my long stem of grass. He's suddenly silent. Not a breath of movement from him, like a little bump of green. "Clever," I say to myself, "neat way of protection, this playing-dead thing."

     I smile and move on, nearly squishing a slow moving form of yellow and brown stripes, a miniature porcupine, elongated of course. I stoop to touch this rolly form, anxious to feel the little brushes of color around the body. As I do so, the caterpillar quickly forms itself into one soft, curvy ball. No amount of teasing with my finger will cause it to unfold. I move it gently in all directions, and still no sign of life. "Clever," I say to myself, "neat way of protection, this playing-dead thing."

     Then, I wander to the inside of myself, to the journey of my heart. I look at places where fears and old wounds keep me from being alive and fully a part of life. I see how maybe it's not so clever to keep on playing dead. Parts of me need to wake up, to be tickled in the ribs of my vunerability by life's blade of grass. Parts of me need to jump high with delight, to leap along life's path instead of hiding out in the concrete havens of my overly protected self.

     Too much of me is still "playing dead."

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The Cosmic Dance may be ordered directly from Orbis Publishing
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