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Fly While You Still Have Wings
Fly While You Still Have Wings
My Soul Feels Lean
Fragments of Your Ancient Name
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God's Enduring Presence
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Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
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Your Sorrow Is My Sorrow
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The Star In My Heart
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Dear Heart Come Home
Out Of The Ordinary
Prayers in Times of Suffering
I Place My Trust In You
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Lent - with all my heart
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Advent - Welcome the Light
A Birthday Blessing
May You Rejoice
A Gift for the Bereaved
May You Find Comfort

**New   Prayer Seeds  New**
* Available March 2017 *

Prayer seeds Some of Sr. Joyce Rupp’s most perennially popular books have been collections of her original prayers, blessings, poems, and reflections. In Prayer Seeds, the bestselling author and retreat leader offers almost a hundred new selections on a variety of themes such as the feasts and seasons of the liturgical year, compassion, ministry, difficult times, and important events—all suitable for personal or group prayer.

People who attend Rupp’s retreats or workshops often approach her to ask for a copy of a prayer that she composed for the event. In 2000, she collected her prayers in the book Out of the Ordinary. In Prayer Seeds, Rupp follows up with about a hundred never-before-published prayers written since the publication of the first collection. The prayers are organized thematically.

Rupp’s warmth and closeness to God along with her sensitivity to the joy and sadness of life make her an ideal prayer companion. Her prayers are like seed planted in your soul. Tended and watered by love, they will grow and bear a rich harvest in your life.

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Radio host interviews Joyce Rupp on the topic
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   One of my ongoing endeavors is that of trying to establish a balance between travel for conferences, retreats, etc. and being at home so I can have more time to write. I consistently seek ways to be in touch with my readers and those seeking spiritual nourishment. I’m happy to report that I now have a monthly e-newsletter. (It's free.) I offer this as a source of regular communication and an avenue of connection. The newsletter contains a short essay with something spiritually enriching, and a brief update on my speaking engagements and publications. If you, or someone you know, would like to be on the mailing list to receive this newsletter, please contact me:
                ruppjoyce@gmail.com      -  Joyce

From the author...

    Welcome to my website. I'm grateful you took the time to stop by. Thanks to my gifted website creator and manager, Faye Williamsen, you’ll find numerous resources here. I hope you’ll take the time to browse around and find what might be of interest and support for your journey of personal transformation. You can click on a variety of items at the top of this page and have access to my current speaking schedule, information on publications, and a variety of articles, poems, and videos.

   I continue to swing between the two energies of action and contemplation, knowing that my desire for a perfect balance creates a tease beyond my reach. I am learning to be at home with that reality, knowing how each facet of my life offers nurturance and growth. I try to receive what comes my way with an open mind and heart. "Staying faithful to daily meditation and times of solitude strengthens my ability to do this. Going with the flow" allows me to retain peace of mind and heart. It is out of this flow that my writing evolves.

   The Institute of Compassionate Presence remains a central focus of my active ministry. The ICP grows each year in depth and number of participants who enter into the wide and deep approach of the Boundless Compassion conference. Participants not only receive valuable input, they learn equally from one another as they share their rich and diverse experiences. I treasure the remarkable transformation and deepened awareness that takes place for those in this program. I truly believe compassion is what our world most needs, not only in order to survive, but to live the deepest and best of our precious humanity.

   Always I am grateful for those who participate in my conferences, retreats and other programs. I learn much from these events and contacts. Each brings the gift of individual wisdom and life experience. This enriches all of us.

   I am equally grateful to those who take the time to communicate with me regarding my publications. Thank you for your interest and support. Your comments and suggestions bring encouragement, especially on those days when the pages I long to fill with words challenge me with their stark emptiness.

   Whoever you are, wherever you are, may you find inner harmony and a desire to be a loving presence in our world.

                                                       -  Joyce


Series on Compassion
CDs and DVDs

    CDs and DVDs of Joyce's talks for the Boundless Compassion program sponsored by the Institute of Compassionate Presence are now available. They can be ordered directly from the manager of the Servite Gift Store. (That website is currently under renovation.) Click here for descriptions of the talks and ordering information.

My Soul Feels Lean
Poems of Loss and Restoration

** Online Videos featuring Joyce Rupp**

  •   Joyce reading from her book  * My Soul Feels Lean *
  •   Loss and Suffering      

  • Articles of Interest...

    Lenten Meditation

    Read preview chapter of Joyce's book Walk in a Relaxed Manner online at The Healing Garden Journal.

    U.S. Catholic Award - Sept. 2004

    Pregnant with possibilities - US Catholic Magazine, Dec. 2004, Award acceptance speech

    "Desperately Seeking Sophia," US Catholic Magazine, October 2002

    "Open Some Doors this Advent," US Catholic Magazine, November 24, 2008.

    "Five Spiritual Lessons of Loss," Family Perspectives Journal, Summer 2002

    "Celtic Crossovers:  May the Lent of the Irish Be With You," U.S. Catholic, March 2001

    "The art of cultivating spiritual growth,"The editors interview Joyce Rupp. US Catholic, April 2000. pp 26-31.

    "Let the Land Teach Us"  About Healing and Creativity. Joyce Rupp. Catholic Rural Life, Spring 2000, pp. 12-16. Catholic Rural Life is a publication of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. http://www.ncrlc.com

    Book Awards Announced

    Catholic Press Association:
    Walk in a Relaxed Manner 
    - placed first in the area of spirituality, softcover book.
    The Circle of Life  placed second in this same category!

    Independent Book Publishers  Association:
    The Circle of Lif
    received a second place award in the Religion category.


    "Fragments of Your Ancient Name," A review by US Catholic

    "The Dance of Oneness," A review of The Cosmic Dance by Loretta Peters, EarthLight, Summer 2002.

    "A Nurturing God," A review by Sally Cunneen of Prayers to Sophia and The Star in My Heart. The American Catholic, March 2000, pp. 7, 19.     http://www.vfr.com/tac

    Reviews by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,Values and Visions Review Service
    Open the Door
    Walk in a Relaxed Manner
    Out of the Ordinary: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections for Every   Season
    The Star in My Heart: Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom

    Reviewed by Sharon Flesher   Prayers to Sophia: A Companion to "A Star in My Heart"

    Reviewed by Austin Repath Walk in a Relaxed Manner

    Series on Compassion
    CDs and DVDs

        CDs and DVDs of Joyce's talks for the Boundless Compassion program sponsored by the Institute of Compassionate Presence are now available. They can be ordered directly from the manager of the Servite Gift Store. Here is a description of the content of each of the CDs/DVDs:

    Compassion as a Way of Life

        Focuses on personal transformation. Includes inherent qualities and characteristics involved in the practice of compassion, a view from world religions, and essential spiritual practices for developing compassion

    Compassion and Science

        Presents current research from neuroscience and quantum physics as it relates to living compassionately. Particular attention given to how the brain in the head, the heart and the belly affects a response to suffering and conflict.

    Compassion and Others

        A presentation by Joseph Nassal, author of The Conspiracy of Compassion, with a focus on awareness, generous listening, and forgiveness as intrinsic and essential aspects of those who desire to be a compassionate presence.

    Compassion and Self

        Explores compassion as it relates to one's own suffering and struggles. Includes aspects of self that need compassion and ways to develop greater kindness toward the hurting parts of one's self.

    Compassion and Suffering

        Explores varied beliefs, approaches and theories regarding suffering from psychology, spirituality and theology; looks at suffering as a catalyst for growth in living compassionately.

    Ordering Information

    CDs   DVDs  
      $40 set of 5 CDs   $50 per set of 5 DVDs

    To Order contact Nancy Marsh, OSM:


    About Joyce Rupp...

    Picture of Joyce Rupp  

         Joyce Rupp is well known for her work as a writer, a spiritual "midwife," and retreat and conference speaker. She has led retreats throughout North America, as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Joyce has a B.A. in English, a M.R.E. in Religious Education, and a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a member of the Servites (Servants of Mary) community and was a volunteer for Hospice for fifteen years. She currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa. A list of Joyce's works can be found in the left column of this page. Click on the book title to find out more information about that title.


    (from the published writings of Joyce Rupp)

       “And how does this happen to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Luke 1:43

    Elizabeth's utter amazement at the presence of the God-Child in Mary resonates with joy and humility. Her elated response calls us to be equally astonded at everyone who comes into our life because each one is also a bearer of God's presence, although that presence might be hidden from easy recognizance. Every person, no matter how mean or ugly-behaving, no matter how obnoxious or unsavory, no matter how irritating or unkind, has something of God within them, even though the divine presence is concealed from our view.

    We are undoubtedly aware of people "out there" in whome we find it troublesome to welcome the Christ, such as murderers, drug dealers, sexual predators. But, in reality, the Christ in those near to us can also be difficult to welcome. This person might be someone who interrupts our TV program or who barges into our workplace with some absurd or unnecessary problem. It might be a spouse who insists on having his way or a telemarketer who won't take "no" for an answer. The person might even be a grandparent who fails to echo Elizabeth's welcoming words when her teenage grandchild comes to visit bearing a pierced tongue and tattooed arms.

    O Divinity in Disguise, open my eyes and heart to welcome you with the joy that Elizabeth welcomed your presence.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence

    Perhaps those of us whose life bears plenitude can best express our thankfulness by assisting those whose life has little for which to be grateful. We can help widows find comfort when they are suddenly all alone. We can welcome the addicted without judgment and guide them into recovery programs, provide information and aid for those who are hungry and homeless. We can teach the illiterate and stand by the poor who have no one to be a voice for them. Then "gratitude" becomes a possibility not only for those who have an over-abundance of life's necesssities but for every person who has a right to the basics of human existence.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence

       “...and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors...” Matthew 6:12

    Because offering and receiving forgiveness is difficult, we absolutely have to open ourselves to the grace of God. We can't forgive without this help. When we pray to be able to forgive, God can act through us. Another source of help in offering forgiveness is to remember how the Holy One offers us the immense treasure of understanding, hope and pardon, in spite of our own shortcomings and failures. If we daily open ourselves to the mercy of God welcoming our weak and imperfect selves, we will have the love and mercy to forgive others who have harmed us by their shortcomings and failures..

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence

       “But take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them...” Matthew 6:1

    Not being overly concerned about what others think or notice can be enormously difficult. I know that I must consistently check my motivations for what I say and do not say, for what I do and do not do. This need or desire to have my good works noticed and acknowledged can be very subtle. When I do something for someone else and they do not say "thank you," I ask myself how I feel. My emotional response gives me a clue to my motivation for what I have done: if I feel irritated, angry, disappointed, blaming, or impatient for not receiving another's gratitude, I can be quite sure my motivation for doing good was tainted in some way.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence

    Sometimes it takes a big thing to wake us up. I observed this when a forty-six year old woman had a massive stroke. The doctors told her husband she was going to die and he should call the relatives. He did so, but then his wife's condition changed. She came out of the coma, and he was told that the possibility of complete recovery was good. The husband kept repeating: "It's a miracle. It's like she's been raised from the dead." It did seem that way, after the finality of the physician's pronouncement.

    Eyes to see and ears to hear. Let's notice what is happening in our lives. Let's not wait for a major tragedy to wake us up. Let's not allow life to pass us by while we ignore the signals of divine revelation that come through ordinary and extra-ordinary moments. Let's tune in and be amazed.  

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence


       "Then David, girt with a linen apron, came dancing before the Lord with abandon." 2 Samuel 6:14

     I ask myself: Do I do anything "with abandon" before my God? Have I ever been that wildly enamored of and grateful for this Gracious One's presence in my life? Does my heart sing with joy? Do my feet lift in happiness? Why is it, I wonder, that I more often pray about pain and troubles than I do about joy and delight? I know my laughter and my enjoyment of life can be as much prayer as my solemn and somber moments of reflection. King David's enthusiastic response to God has reminded me of this. Today I will look for something to dance about in my prayer and in my life.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, God's Enduring Presence

      We receive the gift of the Holy Spirit when we are baptized and continue to receive this gracious gift each time we are open to the goodness of God in our daily moments. It is easy to miss this graced movement of God or to take these moments for granted. Today might be a good day to deepen our awareness of how the Holy Spirit guides, protects, encourages, comforts, sustains, and draws us always toward a more complete union with our Creator.

    Bearer of Gifts,
    I celebrate your presence in my life.
    May your power be at the source of my actions,
    in all my moments, no matter how ordinary they are.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God in

         'Lavished" - what a bountiful word. God's love has been generously shared with us, poured out abundantly into our hearts. We have only to be open and receptive in order for this extravagant outpouring of goodness to be ours. Have you ever thought about the profuse nature of God's great love? What a marvelous gift it is.

    Today close your eyes and picture God's love surrounding you and filling you with deep abiding peace and acceptance.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God In

       Three of us met recently for an evening of dialogue about our life with God. Two of us who were feeling much wilderness and emptiness in our prayer listened a bit enviously as the other person spoke about her insatiable hunger and longing for God. Everything in her life seemed to draw her toward the Divine. Her morning meditation was a period of deep satisfaction. Her heart stirred constantly with ever greater desire for the Sacred Presence. She felt spiritually alive and alert throughout the day.

    Later on, we two dry and empty ones described our journeys. As we did, we recognized that we were also yearning for God, except that it did not seem that way because we could not feel it. Yet out silent longing and hunger for God was keeping us faithful to our own spiritual journeys. We, too, were earnestly seeking God by our daily prayer and our continued openness to spiritual growth. When we are feeling dry and empty, we need to be faithful to daily prayer even though it doesn't feel very satisfying.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God In

       As I thought about the constant need to have my heart renewed and the longing for God to continually place a new spirit within me, I realized that this longing is a great gift. If one is being faithful to prayer and the inner life, more and more layers of the deeper self will be peeled back and things that need changing will be revealed. If we do not want to change, we ought not pray. Our weaknesses can lead to discouragement unless there is also a recognition of the transforming power of God. When we feel scabby, it is important to continue to love ourselves as God loves us, to keep welcoming ourselves home as God welcomes us.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God in

       There was a time in my life when I was afraid of being too close or too intimate with God. I was afraid that if I got too close, if I went too deep, God might ask something really difficult of me, like changing my life radically. Even though I prayed every day, I kept my distance. Then one day someone challenged me about this fear. I knew I had to change so I began giving up some of my walls and barriers. I slowly trusted God more. As I did so, I discovered, to my happy surprise, that the heart of God is big and deep and welcoming. Never has God asked too much of me. Always God has led me to become more of who I am meant to be.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God In

       Each of us has to find the best time of day to pray, but I truly believe that one of the first things required for faithful union with God, no matter when or how we arise, is to pray some kind of thanksgiving for a new day. Life is simply too precious a gift to take for granted. It may be as simple as standing with hands outstretched with a loving heart, but a vital aspect of morning prayer is the intention to unite our selves with the One who has given us life.

    ©  Joyce Rupp, Inviting God In


    Index of Poems found on this Site

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    "Prayer of One Who Feels Lost" - Praying Our Goodbyes

    "Prayer to Sophia"- "Desperately Seeking Sophia"

    "The Heart of Compassion" - Your Sorrow is My Sorrow

    "Springtime Prayer" - Prayers to Sophia

    Poetry Cards - Samples of cards available for purchase - poetry from Rest Your Dreams On A Little Twig

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